Welcome to Friday Favorites! Today I want to introduce (probably re-introduce to many of you) Boppy! Boppy is a long time name in the pregnancy/baby industry, so when I was pregnant with my first baby, naturally I was given a Boppy Nursing Pillow.  We used the Boppy for nursing and for elevating the baby a bit (my babies are definitely spitters!), but it wasn't until the NEXT pregnancy that I would realize how much I LOVED the Boppy. 

I have a smaller frame and could never quite get used to the giant pregnancy pillows, like the S shaped ones. I'm also not really a pillow person, so they were just too much. The Boppy though, was PERFECT. I used it to hammock my belly and sleep on my stomach as much as possible. Is there anyone that doesn't LOVE sleeping on their tummy? Not to mention this is a wonderful position during pregnancy for baby and also during labor. The pillow was a life saver.

When I contacted Boppy for a nursing pillow, they were very enthusiastic and supportive. When the box arrived in the mail, it was HUGE. Much to my surprise they had sent a long a BUNCH of goodies! 

Check them out here: 


A BIG THANKS TO BOPPY!!!! As for the giveaway:

Follow Boppy (here or here) and PVD Doula on Facebook or Instagram and comment on the Boppy Giveaway thread. Double points for tagging a friend. The giveaway will close on Wednesday March 9, 2016 and the winner will be announced Friday March 11th! Good luck!