In the words of our clients


Here are some of the stories of our past clients so you can get a sense of what it's like to work with me. Everybody has a different story, but I hope you can see that the common thread in them all is that I want the best for your birthing experience and am passionate about doing what it takes to ensure that you have that.


Dawn and Andrew talk about the differences between their relationship with their primary care provider and their doula. They explain how the two can compliment one another and how having a doula made their first birth a much smoother experience.

Andrew shares a husband and new father's perspective on the doula experience. A doula doesn't replace the partner, but rather supports them so they can be the best partner they can for the birthing mom.

Jade talks about how a doula provides non-judgmental support and guides families through many birth experiences including scheduled caesarean birth.

Abbey discusses how having a doula enabled her to focus on the birth itself rather than memorizing facts from childbirth class. It was a stress reliever for that burden to be removed from her. She also talks about how having a doula ensures the best possible game-time decisions are made - in the interest of the birthing mom and the family.

Affordability is a common concern when considering whether or not to have a doula. Cathy tells her story about how she was pleasantly surprised at how affordable it actually was once she looked into it. When taking into account that a doula acts as a guide through the labor and birth process as well as a knowledgable support person for postpartum, she realized it actually is a very small investment.

We were so lucky to have Courtney with us during the birth of our baby girl! It was our first, so it meant so much to have a wonderful, warm and extremely knowledgable support person like her by our side. Courtney was in luck on our baby’s birthday too because I was her second client to go into labor that day! It was an extremely unlikely scenario but somehow Courtney managed to make it look like no sweat! She arrived to our birth when we needed her and you never would have known she had just attended another birth only hours earlier! Courtney seriously is a rockstar Doula! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for support on, before and after their baby’s big day!
— Katy D
Her calming presence helped ease any nervousness we had!
— Ron K
We were lucky enough to have Courtney there with us for the birth of our third child. We didn’t have a doula for the birth of our first two kids and after this experience, we wish she had been there for all three! Her calm nature, helped me to stay calm when labor was getting intense. She was encouraging and supportive and was a voice and an advocate for us with the nursing staff. With Courtney there with us it was even more incredible experience because she helped me to be present and allow my body to do what it was meant to do!! I can’t say enough about how amazing she is!
— Quinn S
I knew with my second pregnancy I wanted to do it differently than my first. And I knew all the research I had done on natural birth pointed me in the direction of having a doula. I started my search and stumbled on Courtney. I didn’t know her, had never met her but every search I did always brought me back to her. I contacted her before I was even pregnant so our journey together is a long one! She was one of the first people I shared my news with when we got pregnant and from then on was a constant resource of advice throughout my pregnancy. She respected my natural choices and was always there with support. At 38 weeks pregnant, I had a procedure done to turn my breech baby. It was a very intense procedure and I could not have gotten through it without my husband holding my left hand and Courtney holding my right. Her calming voice and reassuring words pushed me through. Thankfully the procedure was successful and baby was head down! When labor started my plan was to labor as much as I could at home with the support of my husband and Courtney. I called her when contractions started and spoke to her letting her know things were in control and I would call her when I needed her. My son on the other hand had different plans! I labored at home and almost delivered him in the hospital elevator while Courtney was on her way to the hospital. Because delivery went so fast I ended up hemorrhaging after my son was born. Courtney was again by my side advocating for me and being my voice when I was so exhausted throughout the procedures to stop the bleeding. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking into having a doula for their birth. She is amazing and I was so lucky I had her by my side throughout the whole experience.
— Brittany D

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