Hello again! 

Next up for Friday Favorites is The Bradley Method Childbirth classes.  Let's chat a minute about childbirth education and then I will dive into the Bradley Method specifically. Childbirth education is an important part of preparing for having a baby. For most women, they know very little about pregnancy and childbirth before conception. Childbirth education can provide families with the information and tools that they need to feel prepared and confident throughout the pregnancy journey and labor and delivery. Being prepared can take fear out of the process and in turn make for a much more positive experience. 

The Bradley Method is education for a natural childbirth (As a doula, I support all births and birthing choices so, I would love to post soon about childbirth education for those seeking a different route, but for now, my favorite natural childbirth class). What is so great about Bradley? SO many things! 

  1. Bradley classes are 12 weeks long! Phew. That seems a little excessive, no? No! 12 weeks gives the information time to soak in. It provides the time and space to ask many, many questions and to process through the different fears and anxieties that pop up throughout pregnancy. 12 weeks provides time to build a trusting relationship with the teacher and to develop eyes to see your partner as a coach and co-laborer and 12 weeks gives you all the tools you need for a healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
  2. Bradley classes involve the partner. Whenever I meet with clients one topic that always comes up is THE PARTNER and how I can involve them in the process.... will I take their place.... why is there a need for a doula and a birth partner? My answer is always that I support the family unit. I support the partner so that the partner can support the laboring woman well. I am available, so that the partner can be present. Whomever the partner may be, spouse, mother, friend...that relationship is the most important. THAT is where the love and trust is which is so critical to the birthing space. What is amazing about Bradley Classes is the emphasis that they put on this. The partner is given the education and tools needed to be a confident and useful coach. 
  3. Bradley classes cover ALL. The Bradley Method focuses on a healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Included in the curriculum is information on nutrition and exercise. In depth discussions of the stages of labor and what to expect and THEN.... What to do with the baby once he arrives, what changes are happening in the mother's body and what can be done to help for a smooth transition into babyland.

There you have it. In a nutshell, my reasons for really liking The Bradley Method for Natural Childbirth. If you are local and looking for Bradley Classes in Rhode Island, I would be happy to hook you up with one of my favorite teachers :) Her name is Lauren Amand and she's AWESOME. So knowledgeable, passionate about birth and supporting women and families. Her information can be found here. Her classes are held at Bayside Chiropractic in Providence, Rhode Island.

Ready for Bradley NOW? She JUST started a new series this week and could add in ONE more couple. (Did I mention class sizes are small, which creates a very personalized experience-- another perk).  If you aren't quite ready yet, jump on her next class that starts April 27th. For more info get to her site, or give her a call!